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Roof Restoration

Stormproof RoofingStormproof Roofing is a family owned business, and offers a roof restoration service of the highest quality, ensuring your home is protected from all the elements and free from leaks.

The process varies depending on the existing roof condition. A complete roof restoration usually includes the following:-

  • A visit for an overall condition report & assessment
  • Installation of safety rails
  • Replacement of cracked & broken tiles
  • Replacement of valley irons
  • Replacement or repair of flashings
  • Stripping away loose bedding & replacing
  • Removal of dirt, moss, lichen & other pollutants using high pressure water over 3000 PSI (no bad chemicals)
  • Application of flexible pointing to ridge caps
  • Cleaning gutters from loose debris
  • Spraying a primer or sealer coat suited to your particular tile condition
  • Spraying two laminate colour coats
  • Your choice of materials that carry a Warranty from 7 to 15 years

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