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Roof Rejuvenation

Stormproof RoofingStormproof Roofing provides exceptional roof rejuvenation. Our business understands that a roof is a valued investment because it provides protection against extreme weather conditions and can affect the overall appearance of your house. Our roof rejuvenation process is designed to provide results that can withstand the test of time at an affordable price. The costly expense of rejuvenating a roof is the thing of the past.

Stormproof Roofing wants to be your affordable roofing solution with very high quality works. We want to revive your existing roof rather than replace it in order for you to save up to 80% of cost. Our process in roof rejuvenation is designed to seal old roof tiles along with any leaks. If the weather is good, we can complete the entire process within a week.

We can rejuvenate your roof through our cleaning, painting and re-capping services. Our professionals and experts can clean thoroughly your roof by using high-pressure water sprays together with fungicide paint or coating to clean growths and inhibit regrowth. We then remove old mortar and re-bed ridge tiles in the new mortar to increase the life of a roof. We replace and do rebedding to the rusted valley irons to make sure the roof is free from birds and possums.
Let us do the task in rejuvenating your roof and you will realise that you save time, energy, and money. Rejuvenating your roof with us is very affordable and easy. We provide FREE inspection and price quotes today. Call us now on phone at 03 9585 3744.