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Roof Pointing

Stormproof RoofingRoofs are vulnerable to damage and subsequent leaks with our extreme weather conditions. Further cracks can be prevented through roof pointing. These cracks should be given immediate attention to prevent them from becoming worse. Prevention can save lots of money. Stormproof Roofing is here to give you quality roof pointing at a very affordable price.

Roof pointing process usually involves the following:-

  1. Cleaning the surface and removing any loose mortar joints and ridge caps.
  2. Filling in any loose gaps and cracks with mortar mix.
  3. Supporting and aligning the capping.
  4. Smoothing the joint between the ridge tiles.
  5. Making sure that the capping is straight and partly covering or overlapping each tile.
  6. Applying flexible pointing to the ridge capping tiles and on the joints.

The application of flexible roof pointing is far superior than cement:

  1. It can tolerate movement in the ridge caps thereby eliminating cracks.
  2. It provides greater water resistance than cement.
  3. Its adhesive properties provide better stability and appearance.

Our business wants to save you time, energy, and money. We provide you quality at an affordable price.
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